First Vision Notes Posted

This morning I set up the Vision Training Notes page for my blog.  I included a short list of assumptions that I’ve read so far from Vision Training sites.  I’m going to have to remember to include links to the sites.  I also included a list of 3 things that Vision Training exercises claim to attempt…or seem to attempt.

I don’t know how long I will continue posting on the subject.  Nor how in depth I may or may not go.  Nor what, if any, my results will be.  Will it all be a waste of time?  Will it do more harm than good?  Will my eyesight actually improve even a little?  I don’t know.

I find it a bit peculiar that supposedly there are all these people who’ve improved their eyesight through vision training and exercises.  But other than their after the fact claims, I’ve yet to see the process they went through, their thoughts at the time, nor a tracking of improvement as time went on.  All I’ve seen are claimed befores, claimed afterwards, and claims of success.  Worse is that when I see them, it seems that they are combined with attempts to sell someone on the idea or product.  How does one tell the difference between reality, belief, and propoganda?  Heh, I don’t know.

I tend to ignore the conspiracy theories that a number of vision training sites give as to why vision training isn’t more known about nor main stream.  I also tend to ignore the reactionary arguments by those who think vision training is bogus.  Why? Because once again there’s nothing real for me to base my opinion on.  Just a bunch of claims and a bunch of theory, without any personal experiences tied to it.

If any of you reading these posts, and know of another blog or site that actually describes the process the person went through AS they went through it (instead of after the fact), then please link me.  I’d greatly appreciate it.


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