Notes From Yesterday

I handwrote some notes yesterday and forgot to put them in.  This won’t necessarily be coherent.

Put up a Snellen Eye Chart on my bedroom door, near the lamp.  Measured out 4 feet.  Took a notepad and wrote down what I saw.

  • E (200)
  • F P (100)
  • T O Z  (70)
  • L P?F D C (60)
  • L P?F E D (50)
  • P? E? C? F? D? (40)

The rest of it was just blobs.  Underlined means it was a guess…So does the question mark.  I guess I don’t need both of those.

Then I took a near vision chart which was to be held….uh, i’ll have to look that up, but I do remember measuring it though:

  • E O P Z T L C D F (160in)
  • T D F C F Z O E L (80in)

I figured that after 5 guesses out of 9 letters wasn’t a good sign so I stopped there.

(Looked up the Near Vision Chart distance…it’s 16″)

So, clear vision would be approximately:

  • 4’/70′  (very blurred = 4’/50′; guessing blurred = 4’/40′)
  • 16″/160″ (guessing blurred = 16″/80″)

We shall see if this improves at all or not.


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