The 4 Most Important Areas of Life

I can’t seem to find it again, but a couple of weeks ago a blog I had read mentioned figuring out what the 4 most important areas of your life were.  These would be the areas you’d pour most of your attention and energies into.

Why 4?  Well, 4 is an arbitrary number.  The idea, however, is to see which areas are the most important, and which are…extras or superfluous.  As individual humans, we have only so much time/energy within ourselves.  Are we using that time/energy towards things that are important to us?  or are we using it up elsewhere, leaving little for what is more important to us?

So I sat down and listed the areas that were important to me.  I then went through each one and compared it to another asking:  If I could have (A) but not (B), or (B) but not (A), which would I choose?    The winner got a point.  And then the areas were ordered according to how many points they got.  The most points was obviously more important to me than those with lower points.  Then I went down the list (higher to lower) and asked myself if this area was something I could be happy without.  Surprisingly, I wound up with 4 areas in life that are important to me, the rest wasn’t that important to me.

The 4 areas I wound up with are:

  • Richard (attached to him are playing board/card/rpg games, and a personal aspect of our relationship)
  • something I refer to as “Toward a Gaian Mind”, which will be something I’ll post plenty about on this blog
  • raising my daughter
  • connecting and spending time with friends

Those are the most important areas of my life.  They are, in essence, what the ‘rest of my life’ will be about.

What would YOUR most important areas of life be?

Which areas of life are important enough to you to spend your time/energy on? and which are adding little to your life while using up your valuable resources?


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