Change One: Tracking Expenses

One of the first changes we made towards trying to live a tiny life was track our income and expenses. Neither of us are particularly good at such things, though R is much better at it than I am. First step was to put a box right by the door into which we are to put our receipts from the day. The idea being to collect the receipts and then enter the data into a spreadsheet. I'm not sure how effective that's being, both in terms of remembering to put a receipt in the box, of making a paper if there was an online transaction, and of actually sitting down to enter the info into the spreadsheet. I made it as far as catching up to half of last month, and have been procrastinating on doing the rest. Also, some info's not been going into the box, like vet spendings, mortgage payment, corner store purchases, etc.

On the plus side, R has finished the roof sides and fascia boards. Now we just wait for the roofers to come in and redo the roof. And then we put in some insulation and replace the siding that got ripped out as he rebuilt part of the north side of the house. Am so looking forward to when he can come home from his day job and relax and not feel rushed to get outside to work even more hours on the house.

But for today…I'm hoping to finish some sorting of food books, fold clothes, catch up on the spreadsheet financials, help my daugher with her health insurance problems, and then relax at a friend's house who's making us an awesome dinner tonight.

Speaking of which, I recently expressed guilt to her that this will be the 3rd or 4th time she's cooked for us, while we've only had her over once. She smiled and said that she enjoys cooking but only has herself to cook for. While I have two to cook for, and I hate cooking. (More on my cooking issues in the next post.)



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