Weapon of Choice

I know I said I would talk about food and cooking next, but right now I'm feeling a bit excited and silly and want to share. It was a bit of a convulated chain that led to the title, starting from watching youtube videos about Tiny Houses, to off grid living, to something else I forgot, to prepping. So many prepping videos talk about guns, guns, and more guns. Then there's the anti-gun stocking preppers, and the bickering back and forth videos. Who needs cable when youtube provides plenty of drama, eh?

Anyways, so night before last I finally told R that even though we're not into prepping, if we were, my weapon of choice would be a slingshot. I'd wanted to get one for a while, but it seems like such a silly thing at my age and current lifestyle. (Btw, I've a habit of getting into silly things.) Then, a couple of minutes later, I asked if we could drop by Yeagers (a fishing, hunting, camping, sports store) while we were in town the next day. He immediately said yeah. He knew why I wanted to go, lol, but I guess he had been wanting to cruise the store to see what stuff they had, you know, after watching all them prepping videos.

So, after my dental appt, we walked around Yeagers…who only had one slingshot in stock. So then we went to Big 5, who had a few more options. I bought one, and some white marbles as my practice ammo. They are called Trackers because you can see where they're flying. Total for both was less than $23.

Well, this afternoon, after the rain let up, we moved our deck cover tent thingie across the yard, then placed some sheets behind the target area and on each side, to catch and drop the marbles onto the ground in front. This is both a protective measure, and to reduce chances of losing ammo. Then we hung a pie pan and soda can within this giant “catch box”, and took a few practice shots.

We were out there for about an hour, practicing and clearing out the area and refining it for its intended use. Towards the end we were finally starting to hit the targets, lol.

It feels silly, to be a 42 yo obese female trying to shoot a slingshot. But it was fun, and provided a bit of functional movement.

I don't really have a long term goal in mind for this. I guess I think it would be kinda cool to learn how to shoot it decently. I can joke about squirrel meat, but I seriously doubt I would do such a thing. And I can joke about protection, but I doubt I would be a decent enough shot to not get myself into trouble.

I think part of my interest in it has to do with sustainability. It's a simple weapon that can pack some decent power. There's a variety of ammo one can use, making lead shots would be easy enough to do on one's own, you don't need fancy tools/equipment, no black powder, no special arrow making skills, etc. When shooting it you don't need a wide open space, it won't make a loud noise, and it won't likely draw attention to your direction (or hiding spot). It seems like a decent distance weapon that doesn't take up much room, is light to carry, and won't destroy the environment to produce. iow, a pretty good distance weapon of choice while living tiny.

Oh, btw, we only lost two marbles so far. I haven't lost ALL my marbles….yet. 😉