Natural Vision Notes

DISCLAIMER:  This page is intended as a place for keeping my notes regarding my studies of Vision Training.  It is meant to be more of a summary than of an argument for truth, nor a proposal of theory, nor a suggestion of actions to take.  If you wish to read details about Vision Training, then read a Vision Training book.  If you have questions about eyes, ask a professional.  If you have questions about what methods may or may not be suitable for you, ask a professional.  If you attempt any of the exercises I include in my summary, you do so at your own risk.  Noone here is suggesting that you do them. 

My summaries tend to be short with few details, and may not be understandable to the average reader (a reader who has not read anything at all about the subject).  I do not claim exactness, nor do I claim logicalness, nor do I claim belief.  Thus, it will be a waste of time to attempt to get me to argue in support of truth, theory, etc.  If you wish to know my opinion of an experience I have/had, read my posts, ask questions, and remember that it is merely my very unprofessional opinion of my own personal experiences.

This page will be updated as my studies continue.

* * * * *

Assumptions that seem to be made by Vision Trainers:

  1. The eyes are in a constant state of change.  Measurements will vary throughout the day/night.  Measurements may be affected by stress levels, posture, amount of light, nutrition, etc.
  2. Accommodation (the ability of the eye to change its focus from near to far and far to near) depends on the actions of the 6 exterior eye muscles as well as the interior ciliary muscle.
  3. Nature did not intend for us to sit at books, blackboards, computers and tv for the majority of our waking hours, nor stare at the ground while we walk.  These activities impose “nearpoint stress”, affecting the focusing muscles of the eyeball and encourages it to go out of shape.
  4. Prescriptive lenses do not improve the eyes ability to see, if you take off the lenses, you still have poor eyesight.  Prescriptive lenses may actually cause or aggravate visual problems.  Particularly when attempting to view through glasses that are the wrong prescription of the moment, as well as when attempting to view at distances that the glasses were not created for (ie. trying to see 2 feet in front of you through glasses set for 20 feet in front of you).


Types of exercises:

  1. Attempt to reduce eye strain
  2. Attempt to increase flow of nutrients inside the eyes
  3. Attempt to increase “perceptual enhancement”

 Some claims made regarding cause/influences of vision problems (note: astigmatism and myopia are the visual problems I have, and as such, all I will be focusing on in this page.)

  • Astigmatism –
    • Possibly caused by habitual head tilt (with gravity effects) during vision usage.
    • Possibly caused by uneven tension of the eye muscles.
  • Myopia (near-sightedness) –
    • Possibly caused by too much close-work without breaks.
    • Possibly caused by attempting to view close-sight at a prescription of distance-sight. (Prescriptive lenses supposedly reduce accommodation abilities of eyes.)

* * * * *

Other Pages:

Books and/or Sites:

  • “Relearning to See” by Thomas R Quackenbush (ignore the name, it’s a thick and thorough book)
  • “Improve Your Eyesight Naturally” by Leo Angart (a book I’d dearly love to get, but his order portion of the site is down, and I’m unwilling to pay $70 to get it via amazon)  There are previews of his book on his site: 
  • “Power Vision Program” by American Vision Institute (a free pdf booklet containing vision exerises)  More info on their website:

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