1. Clear Vision Requires Movement

 (Note:  RTS refers to info from “Relearning to See” by Thomas R Quackenbush)


RTS:  The visual system is not designed to be stimulated continuously by the same colors and intensity of light.  Images must move on the retina or the image will disappear.


Ways of creating movement of image along the retinas:

  •  viewed object is moving
  •  viewer is moving

Movement can be

  • Large, medium, small, subtle (the better the vision the more subtle the movements)
  • Fast, slow
  • Smooth, jumps
  • Left<->right, up<->down, far<->near
  • Horizontal, vertical, any angle


Common exercises include

  • Tracking moving objects
  • Sketching objects
  • Moving body, head, and eyes
  • Moving head and eyes
  • Increasing flexibility of neck (for head and eye movement)
  • Proper posture (including awareness of head tilt)
  • Increasing range of eye movements without strain (also removing stiffness in stiff directions)

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