Syque you out in the end…

Today I found an awesome site, I am sooo happy.  I’ve spent years trying to find information on how we process information and what motivates us, etc.  Most of the stuff I buy or come across is full of needless words and needless ideas, and I don’t know how to go through them to pull out the gems.  And I could buy a book that offers maybe 1-3 gems, but spend up to $30 for it, the rest of it is fluff or sales crap.  And then trying to organize my notes?? roflmao!!!

Of course, can’t get rid of the books because what if I lose my notes.  So my house is filled with books, and pdfs, and stacks and stacks of notes.  And here is the basis of all that, already put together for me.  Nice!!!

The site address that goes into what motivates us and how we process information is:

But wait, there’s more.  The mother site is: Here you will find links to the previous address, plus two more child sites.  One which goes into creativity and problem solving, and the other for tools for improvement and quality.

All this is FREE!!

So many !!!! eh?  😀

I am going through the first link, little by little, in bite-sized chunks.  My plan is to put the info into a brain map of some kind before I’ll allow myself to move to another chunk.

Gah, today was so nice, being able to just work on the first stuff without feeling rushed nor feeling the urge to try to go through a bunch of sites and reviews trying to find what I was looking for…without having anything more than a “I’ll know it when I see it” criteria.  AND, I was able to finish a thought and set the work aside for talking with my daughter.  (I am using sticky notes and rearranging them to find the hidden map, lol.)  I think today was easy for me to do that because I know that the info isn’t going anywhere, and that it’s all quality info and not something I have to rushedly scan through for a gem or two before moving on to another rushed scan.

Anyhoot, I’m off to continue on the map I was working on earlier today.

Oh, and the best part?  This site puts Socionics to shame, hahahahaah.

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