Learning is as Easy as Opening Your Wallet…

I’ve been trying to find some decent info regarding systems thinking.  Unfortunately, I’ve only the internet to go by right now.  The internet, of course, is filled with free sales pitches in the disguise of articles, or half-assed information copied everywhere.  To get any real information, useful information, please buy our $100+ program. We believe systems thinking is the next best thing..the way to go..it should be encouraged by all…but you have to pay us for it. Systems thinking is as easy as ABCD, so buy my book.  ARGH!!!

Worse, is that whatever is available seems geared towards business stuff or sustainability preaching, with very little aimed towards the common wo/man.  Yet it’s claimed to be usable in various aspects of life.

Anyways, my idea is to be able to figure out how to encourage thinking in terms of systems throughout our daily lives.  Whether when figuring out solutions to certain types of problems, figuring out some of our relationships, helping us with our goals, and/or for spirituality. I’d like to find some basic principles, and meditate on how those principles are reflected in my day-to-day life.

I don’t ask for much.