Weapon of Choice

I know I said I would talk about food and cooking next, but right now I'm feeling a bit excited and silly and want to share. It was a bit of a convulated chain that led to the title, starting from watching youtube videos about Tiny Houses, to off grid living, to something else I forgot, to prepping. So many prepping videos talk about guns, guns, and more guns. Then there's the anti-gun stocking preppers, and the bickering back and forth videos. Who needs cable when youtube provides plenty of drama, eh?

Anyways, so night before last I finally told R that even though we're not into prepping, if we were, my weapon of choice would be a slingshot. I'd wanted to get one for a while, but it seems like such a silly thing at my age and current lifestyle. (Btw, I've a habit of getting into silly things.) Then, a couple of minutes later, I asked if we could drop by Yeagers (a fishing, hunting, camping, sports store) while we were in town the next day. He immediately said yeah. He knew why I wanted to go, lol, but I guess he had been wanting to cruise the store to see what stuff they had, you know, after watching all them prepping videos.

So, after my dental appt, we walked around Yeagers…who only had one slingshot in stock. So then we went to Big 5, who had a few more options. I bought one, and some white marbles as my practice ammo. They are called Trackers because you can see where they're flying. Total for both was less than $23.

Well, this afternoon, after the rain let up, we moved our deck cover tent thingie across the yard, then placed some sheets behind the target area and on each side, to catch and drop the marbles onto the ground in front. This is both a protective measure, and to reduce chances of losing ammo. Then we hung a pie pan and soda can within this giant “catch box”, and took a few practice shots.

We were out there for about an hour, practicing and clearing out the area and refining it for its intended use. Towards the end we were finally starting to hit the targets, lol.

It feels silly, to be a 42 yo obese female trying to shoot a slingshot. But it was fun, and provided a bit of functional movement.

I don't really have a long term goal in mind for this. I guess I think it would be kinda cool to learn how to shoot it decently. I can joke about squirrel meat, but I seriously doubt I would do such a thing. And I can joke about protection, but I doubt I would be a decent enough shot to not get myself into trouble.

I think part of my interest in it has to do with sustainability. It's a simple weapon that can pack some decent power. There's a variety of ammo one can use, making lead shots would be easy enough to do on one's own, you don't need fancy tools/equipment, no black powder, no special arrow making skills, etc. When shooting it you don't need a wide open space, it won't make a loud noise, and it won't likely draw attention to your direction (or hiding spot). It seems like a decent distance weapon that doesn't take up much room, is light to carry, and won't destroy the environment to produce. iow, a pretty good distance weapon of choice while living tiny.

Oh, btw, we only lost two marbles so far. I haven't lost ALL my marbles….yet. 😉



Change One: Tracking Expenses

One of the first changes we made towards trying to live a tiny life was track our income and expenses. Neither of us are particularly good at such things, though R is much better at it than I am. First step was to put a box right by the door into which we are to put our receipts from the day. The idea being to collect the receipts and then enter the data into a spreadsheet. I'm not sure how effective that's being, both in terms of remembering to put a receipt in the box, of making a paper if there was an online transaction, and of actually sitting down to enter the info into the spreadsheet. I made it as far as catching up to half of last month, and have been procrastinating on doing the rest. Also, some info's not been going into the box, like vet spendings, mortgage payment, corner store purchases, etc.

On the plus side, R has finished the roof sides and fascia boards. Now we just wait for the roofers to come in and redo the roof. And then we put in some insulation and replace the siding that got ripped out as he rebuilt part of the north side of the house. Am so looking forward to when he can come home from his day job and relax and not feel rushed to get outside to work even more hours on the house.

But for today…I'm hoping to finish some sorting of food books, fold clothes, catch up on the spreadsheet financials, help my daugher with her health insurance problems, and then relax at a friend's house who's making us an awesome dinner tonight.

Speaking of which, I recently expressed guilt to her that this will be the 3rd or 4th time she's cooked for us, while we've only had her over once. She smiled and said that she enjoys cooking but only has herself to cook for. While I have two to cook for, and I hate cooking. (More on my cooking issues in the next post.)


The Decision to Start the Journey

I am thinking of trying this blogging thing again. I'm not very good at reporting or writing articles, but I AM stepping onto a journey that I think will be interesting to review back on down the road. Perhaps that will help motivate me to write about some of the upcoming experiments and changes.

Most journeys start at some kind of decision made after facing some kind of challenge. Our challenge happens to be when we finally decided to have the roof redone. It's been leaking at a few of the windows, and we have rotted floorboards along the north side of the single wide mobile home we live in. This summer it was finally time to start getting those things fixed. We hired a roofing company, paid the deposit. While waiting for them to schedule the work, R started digging around at the floorboards, I assume to see the extent of the damage. Digging into the floor led to digging into the walls led to ripping off siding. We panicked. There's a LOT of rot.

We tried to figure out our options. Sell the place? Tear it down? Clamp down on our expenses and pay it off in a few years so we can sell it?

As we're considering our options, R rips the house apart enough to see that the damage, while major, is fixable. So he begins fixing the north side of the home and roof frame, and I? I come down with a wanna-rip-my-head-off toothache.

Something's gone wrong with a 22yo root canal that was capped about 6 years ago. The infection was pretty extensive (am still fighting it off). After reviewing our options, we figured the best path would be extraction and implant. It's a lengthy and expensive process. Everyone has opinions on this, usually based on their own teeth and their own dental issues. And while the mere thought of that much money being spent on one tooth makes me cry and wilt inside, I know that there are consequences for the other options down the road that would increase the costs eventually. So we're choosing to head off those consequences by just straight up doing the extraction and implant now. (I still cry about it, though. *sigh*) Oh, and my state supplied insurance won't cover any of it, it's all out-of-pocket.

So now we have R working his regular job, coming home and spending the rest of daylight working on the house, getting that side done and the roof frame fixed so the roofers can finally come in and reroof it all. When he can, he visits his father who's recently started chemotherapy. And I'm barely helping due to the pain and druggedness. The poor guy is burning candles at both ends. 😦

Somehow near the beginning of all this he came across Tiny Houses. Tiny homes built on trailer beds, often less than 200sqft. I DID say tiny. With all the work and money he's put into fixing this house issue, he could be finishing off a tiny house soon. Think of it…much less maintainance and expenses.

We've been watching youtube videos on them, which leads to off-grid living ideas, which have led to the journey we've entered, and hence this portion of my blog.

We talk about if we could live in one, what changes we'd have to make, which ideas or designs seemed interesting, etc. We talk about the problems faced by tiny housers, and how to maybe get around those problems. We've even talked about converting the master bedroom here into a studio so we could live in it while renting the rest of the home.

We'd have a long ways to go before we could even seriously consider making this kind of lifestyle change. For example, i have struggled with clutter and hoarding of notes and books for many years. I won't go into too much detail on that (right now) except to say that I have gotten rid of over half my stuff, and our home is still too crowded and cluttered. I would have to get rid of at least 75% of what I have now, before we could seriously consider getting rid of more so we could fit into a tiny home or the “studio”. There are definitely other things at play, but I won't get into them here as this post is already long.

I have, however, decided that I will proceed from here on as if we ARE moving into a tiny home. And further, as if this future tiny home will primarily be run off-grid. And so begins our journey…or at least mine. This truly is “The Beginning of the Rest of My Life…”